Training & Commitment

Weekend Training
When you first join 11th Field Regiment, you can expect to be fairly busy. Depending on your enrolment date, you may be required to commence your basic training almost immediately. Dedication to your basic training course is very important and before you commit, make sure that you are available for training. Once you are on course and realize that you have a personal commitment that conflict with a course date, inform your supervisor immediately and they will advise you on the next steps to take.

Summer Training
If you enrol during the year, you are guaranteed fulltime summer employment. You will be placed on a fulltime contract (which means you are getting paid 7 days a week) and will be expected to attend courses in Petawawa or Meaford, Ontario; Gagetown, New Brunswick; or even Shilo, Manitoba. NCM training is in Petawawa or Meaford. It commences at the end of June and terminates at the end of August. Officer training takes place in Gagetown or Shilo. It commences mid-May and ends at the end of August. It is very important that you are able to commit to summer training– this will ensure that you become fully qualified as a Gunner


Once You Are Trained
Once you are finished your first three courses, 11th Field Regiment will employ you on a regular part-time basis. We parade every Thursday night and encourage all personnel to attend the maximum number of training nights possible. We realize that personal lives do conflict with army training at times. If you have an exam or other personal matter that precludes you from attending a parade night, all we ask is that you call in and let us know. Training schedules are posted around the Armoury and are sent out to soldiers in the mail on a regular basis. Like any other employer, we expect you to show up to scheduled work or to let us know if you cannot.

11th Field Regiment deploys on a monthly basis to a local training area to practice our soldier skills. This consists of an entire weekend spent usually in Meaford, training. On a weekend exercise, soldiers are expected to show up at the Guelph Armoury at 7:00pm and are bussed to Meaford for the exercise. We return on the Sunday and are dismissed no later than 5:00pm. All soldiers are highly encouraged to attend exercises. Not only are these opportunities to improve our soldiering skills but fun too! Everyone's performance is assessed on exercises. These assessments form the basis of meriting when promotion time comes around.

The minimum expected commitment from any Army Reservist is one day in a 30-day period. This is the minimum commitment. Also remember, Reservists are only paid for the days they work. As your career progresses, you will be asked to assume different positions of responsibility. If your attendance becomes sporadic, you risk losing your position. If you are planning on fulfilling only the minimum commitment, please reconsider your decision. It is very important to note that your Reserve Army career can be as fruitful as you make it. If you put time and effort into your job as a soldier, your supervisors will recognize this effort and reward it with courses, promotions, and other forms of acknowledgment.

During the year and once trained, you will have the opportunity to deploy on many different types of exercises and operations around Canada, North America, and the world. These extended training periods will give you the opportunity to employ and test your knowledge, increase your skill set, and participate in unique activities. In foreign service you may even earn Veteran status.

Examples of these exercises are soveriegnty operations in Arctic, area concentrations on Canadian bases such as CFB Wainright, Alberta or CFB Petawawa, Ontario, and foreign training in the United States, employing their unique training facilities. Operations may include foreign service such as in Afghanistan, or domestic operations such as natural disaster relief missions.

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