Medical Examination

All Applicants require a thorough medical examination, followed by a description of limitations (if any), and assignment of an appropriate and approved medical category. Applicants will not be medically disqualified on the basis of a diagnosis or disease but only because of employment medical restrictions. The examination includes measuring your heart rate, your blood pressure, your cholesterol, etc. and you will have to provide a urine sample.

Applicants who have corrective lenses should bring any glasses or contact lenses, as well as a copy of their prescription (if available). Applicants must NOT wear contact lenses for a period of 24 hours (for soft lenses) or 72 hours (for hard lenses) prior to their eye examination in order to have a valid unaided vision test. Applicants should avoid any unnecessary noise exposure for 48 hours prior to hearing testing. Aircrew applicants need to fast for 14 hours prior to blood being drawn for lipid testing.

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